A New Business Model for Naturopathic Medicine

Natura Health and Wellness™ intends to act as a positive and needed disrupter in the American healthcare industry through facilitating access to high quality Naturopathic and Functional Medical care. We are creating a comprehensive business model that can be replicated at scale.

Clinical Model Concept

Natura is seeking entrepreneurial Naturopathic doctors to partner with who want to grow the value of their business and offer excellent care to more people. Natura will provide a Management Services Organization (MSO) to clinics to minimize administrative burden and stay connected to evolving best practices. The MSO will provide practice management and operations oversight, enhanced revenue, payroll services, human resources, integrated IV therapy and supplement sales, electronic medical records, IT, compliance support, legal resources and advertising/marketing.

Our model utilizes Naturopathic and Functional Medicine specialty clinics, co-located with integrative practitioners. We will use a partnership model based on time-proven professional partnership practices like those routinely found in the legal and accounting industries.

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