Diagnostic Labs

Natura offers blood draws at our in-house lab, which is staffed with certified phlebotomists. A comfortable, calm environment is our priority.

Lab Offerings

Standard Labs

Conventional lab assessment and screening

Specialty Labs

A wide array of testing options through many different specialty laboratories which provide information not offered from conventional laboratories.

Functional Stool Analysis

Comprehensive Hormone Testing

Adrenal Panel Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Heavy Metal Testing

Metabolic Wellness Lab Packages

An opportunity for both non-established and current patients to easily gain insight into their current health status in two simple steps.

  1. Get your comprehensive metabolic labs drawn (see options by clicking below)
  2. Schedule a visit (in-person or telemed) to review and discuss a treatment plan with Dr. Payton Robertson

Dr. Payton Robertson, a Naturopathic Physician and metabolic health specialist at Natura, has selected comprehensive specialty labs through Rupa that will give you further insight into your current health status.

Unlike other online companies selling massive lab packages and memberships for thousands of dollars, this is a cost-effective way to get advanced testing with options for a lab review with an accredited Naturopathic Physician.


Optimizing health

Yearly health screenings beyond the standard that insurance pays for

Advanced cholesterol panels

Blood sugar assessments

Fasting insulin testing

Nutrient assessments

Family history of cardiovascular disease, dementia, metabolic syndrome, or diabetes

Now is the time to take charge of your metabolic health, optimizing your wellness to prevent chronic disease and age gracefully.