Refills: Medicinary, Pharmaceuticals & Compounded Medications Prescription Refills


It is your doctor’s expectation that you stay on your treatment plan until your next visit. If you are running out of things that seem helpful, get a refill. If you are not certain in any way, please utilize your patient portal to send a message to your doctor. Our front staff cannot answer these technical medical questions.


  • A REFILL message option exists on the Patient Portal, or you can leave a phone message. If after hours, please send a Portal message. Please DO NOT leave a lengthy medicinary order after hours with the Answering Service.
  • Please allow 48 hours to fill your refill request. Exceptions may be made if needed more urgently.
  • We are able to ship supplements for an additional shipping charge.
  • We have online Medicinary available; it is called FullScript – see below for more information.


  • If you need an Rx refill, please call the pharmacy directly. If refills are expired, they will fax the relevant doctor a request.
  • Compounded medications take more time. Please give our office 48 hours notice AND consider the compounding pharmacy may also require up to 48 hours to compound. If you are on a very short timeline, please call the office to alert us of the need to prioritize a referral.
  • For prescription or medicinary refills, at least an annual visit is required. 
  • Prescriptions for pharmaceuticals or hormones also require a minimum of an annual visit. Plan ahead and schedule before your last refill runs out.  Please be aware you may need labs, so schedule with enough time for results to be completed.

ONLINE MEDICINARY (aka FullScript) :

Many of your prescribed supplements are available to purchase through our online store partner, FullScript. This does NOT apply to compounded tinctures and certain special order items. For those items, you will need to contact the clinic via phone. 

New to FullScript?

  • A Natura staff member will initiate the process for you to receive a welcome email from FullScript. You will then set your password and confirm your login. Once your password is set up, you will be able to access your account to place your order through FullScript. If you do have trouble with this, call the office and we can easily troubleshoot with you.

Two Ways to access the FullScript login:

  • OR
  • and click on FullScript link.
  • Once you have accessed your account, you can add supplements to your cart to purchase. Supplements are shipped to the address you provide.

FullScript Tips:

  • Some supplements are available in different sized bottles. Click the name of the supplement to be taken to another page that gives you size options.
  • For questions about the supplements in your account, please contact Natura at (406) 317-1965 or message through your Patient Portal.
  • For questions and troubleshooting about using the FullScript website, please contact FullScript via telephone at (866) 807-3828, via email at [email protected] , or via live chat at