Prescription and Supplement FAQ’S


Dispensed vs Whole Bottles

For most supplements, we tend to dispense small amounts when we start a patient on something new. The intention is to see if you tolerate each supplement before dispensing entire bottles. If you do tolerate the new supplement, we encourage you to refill it. If not tolerated, or if you are unsure, please message your doctor about the need for a different supplement via the Patient Portal.

How long will you be taking various prescriptions?

In general, there is no right answer to this question that will cover everyone. However, there are some basic supportive nutrients and herbs that may be suggested for the long-term. Other items will be short-term depending on what we are treating and how you are responding to treatment. We do believe there are basic nutrients that almost everyone should supplement as there is not enough of said nutrients available in even the most organic food sources. A multi-vitamin, B vitamins, Magnesium, most minerals, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D are likely to be needed in one form or another over the long-term.

Can I get my supplements at any store or website that sells supplements? Can I get them from Amazon?

In short, no; the supplementary industry was a $31 BILLION dollar industry as of 2018, and it increases every year. What is good about this is that people are increasingly interested in supporting their own health. The negative is that there is a lot of money to be made in an industry that does not have good quality control practices and standards. In short, non-standard and low-quality suppliers can result in exposure to unwanted ingredients. It is also common for some supplement bottles not to contain their advertised contents. An online search to find reputable quality-control sites will find you a wealth of information on this topic. There are increasingly “impostor” products on sites such as Amazon; the bottle is the same as other reputable sources, but the contents are not. Therefore, we have an in-house medicinary of products that we have thoroughly researched and trust. We also utilize FullScript, which guarantees you will get exactly what you order. Lastly, if you are taking supplements we do not know about, or from a company we do not know or trust, then the potential for treatment plan failure goes up.