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Elders and COVID-19

Advice for all of us, regardless of our age... What is different about how Elders experience COVID19?The over-simple answer is "less immune system function". More accurately, elders in the USA are generally lower in what is called anti-oxidant reserve. As we age,...

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Natura Weight Loss

At Natura Health and Wellness, we know what it takes to get the fat off and keep it off. We do it differently, informed by current science, the personal and professional experience of our naturopathic doctors and assisted by our specialty providers in body work,...

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Transitions Weight Loss Plan

Transitions weight loss plan is conducted in 6 visits, an initial visit to ‘learn the ropes”, and then 5 consecutive weekly check ins.One diet, the same diet, whether in general or for fat loss, does not suit all. We are each born with specific biochemical structure...

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