Kids are at risk and a risk to others.
Learn how to protect our children and minimize respiratory infections through the fall and winter.

Mirroring the national trend, COVID19 cases are increasing in Western Montana, including active cases in children. Our neighbors Wyoming and North Dakota top the list in the nation for COVID19 cases in children.

At Natura, we take prevention seriously. It is a proven and effective strategy to invest in preventive measures in the face of a novel infectious disease.

There is no substitute for physical distance, nose and mouth covering and hand washing.

There are hygiene measures as well as nutritional repletion that are associated with improved immune function. We can help you identify what will help you be less susceptible to respiratory illness.

We have reached a state of community spread in the Missoula/Ravalli county area. It is critical now more tan ever to be conscious of active cases and those environments where exposures are prevalent.  

On Sept 24, 2020 in Missoula County,

  • 2% of active COVID19 cases are children from infancy to age 9 years
  • 20% of cases are kids ages 10 to 19 years
  • 51% of active cases in Missoula county today are young adults age 20 to 29 years

The good news is, children rarely become seriously ill with COVID19; the bad news is sometimes they do and can present with severe symptoms.

It’s important to continue to follow developments and learn to recognize all the features of COVID19; new knowledge about this viral infection and its consequences will continue to emerge for a while. It’s important to be regular with basic hygiene, distance and masking. At Natura we have expertise in helping individuals assess their immune status, bolster preventive measures and mange symptoms when ill.

Here is an excellent article on COVID19 in Missoula school-aged kids.