These are temporarily difficult times. Especially with physical distancing, we can feel more lonely and even scared.

Please know that you neighbors want to help. Here are some Missoula-based resources that help you get what you want and need.

1. City of Missoula webpage:

2. Missoula Covid19 Mutual Aid Community:

Do you need support during the Coronavirus pandemic?
Free help is available!

Volunteers in the community are available for home deliveries, including groceries, household supplies, of whatever else needed. This help is totally free of any charge.

Call: (406) 219-1843

[email protected]

Fill out this “Need Support” Form:

They will discuss what you need and will assign a volunteer
to come deliver it to your door.

We are an all-volunteer grassroots group and are prioritizing folks who are sick, disabled, quarantined without pay, elderly, undocumented, queer, Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color.

If you are interested in providing support, please email [email protected]