Transitions weight loss plan is conducted in 6 visits, an initial visit to ‘learn the ropes”, and then 5 consecutive weekly check ins.

One diet, the same diet, whether in general or for fat loss, does not suit all. We are each born with specific biochemical structure that requires specific body fuels for optimal health. One outcome of eating foods that are NOT right for your blood type, is increasing fat storage, AND, a specific chemical block to releasing fat once a cell is filled. It turns out that your inherited blood type is one of the most potent markers of your biochemical individuality. A single, simple and inexpensive test will provide you with a wealth of information about yourself to incorporate and act on. When you do, you will lose fat you do not need.

Depending on what your blood type is, the lectin activity of certain foods will result in the following:

  • Inflame the digestive tract lining, preventing the production of essential enzymes and the transport of nutrients into body tissues
  • Slow digestive processes, causing intestinal bloating
  • Slow digestive metabolism so you are unable to burn calories efficiently for energy
  • Promote muscle wasting rather than fat loss, contributing to the familiar re-gain of weight lost
  • Compromise the production and release of insulin, leading to insulin resistance and diabetes
  • Alter hormone levels, resulting in tissue swelling, deranged thyroid hormone production, increased fatigue and literally blocking a fat cell from releasing fat, regardless of what else you may be doing to cause fat loss.

Naturopathic physician Peter D’Adamo has woven together research from medical anthropology, human genetics, immunology and the bowel microbiome, to illustrate the theory describing how proteins in our blood that define our “blood-type,” interact with proteins called lectins in foods, to cause varying degrees of cell damage in different areas of our body tissues. These inherited serotype proteins provide essential and specific direction about what foods are genetically determined to be most compatible in each person’s system.  When we eat foods indicated as beneficial or neutral, we end the daily damage we have been doing to ourselves and can begin to heal. Once barriers to fat cell function, hormone production 

The serotypes that are best known are the Groups O, A, B and AB.  We are also familiar with the Rh positive or negative designation.  These factors clarify in great detail which foods are an individual’s best, and worst choices.  

The blood type diet does not identify food allergies, which are an expression of an immune system response, a different and separate response from the cell damage that occurs with incompatible lectins from foods.  The lectin interaction is a deeper, more fundamental reaction, since it is genetically determined and therefore permanent.  Many food allergies are actually food intolerance than will clear when the body is supported to optimal function.  Sometimes people are allergic or temporarily intolerant of foods that should be ok according to serotype– that’s because we are complex and there is more than one thing that can go wrong!  So while a serotype diet may not solve all your health problems, your issues are not likely to completely resolve without addressing the fundamental serotype compatibility of your diet and your physiology.

Using the blood type diet means eating fresh, whole foods you prepare at home, mostly, sensible portion sizes, lots of water and regular exercise of the sort recommended for your body type. There is a very useful app you can download for $3.99. If you are not sure what your blood type is, we can perform a quick, in office test and get immediate results for $20. No other purchases are required, although a multi vitamin mineral is recommended, and certain other supplements may be useful, depending on your current health. Dr. D’Adamo maintains a great website with many avenues of feedback and support from thousands of people who make up the global community that are committed to this way of eating. Visit to learn more.

Engaging the blood type diet requires a 5 week commitment to establish what success feels and looks like; once you have experienced yourself in the condition your blood type appropriate foods, you will have the body-experience you need to understand how this way of eating is something you continue life-long. Similarly to the Transitions weight loss plan, you are encouraged to have an initial visit for instructions, then regular weekly or every other week follow up visits to track progress, continue to educate and problem solve. In the end you will have a treasure trove of information about yourself in relation to food that will allow you to optimize your well-being life-long.

Dr. Dunne has over 30 years of experience using the blood type diet to resolve health issues for hundreds of patients. She has personally lost 80 pounds specifically by engaging her blood type appropriate diet, and has maintained that weight loss for three decades.